Monday, July 15, 2019

Independence, Oregon

Green fields, like emeralds where the ransom for a day's peace is only a deep breath.
The trees run across the ridge like that same squirrel's tail, the one who wanted nothing to do with you.
Sunlight spackles the clouds and the hues of blue come and go in the passing shade -
From beneath such pillows, briefly escaping the bright of day - sanctuary from above;
The hills roll into the switchbacks down the mountain side, where gravity accelerates everything.

Pulling the axles and the wheels into position along the curved roads takes more concentration than it's worth.
Steering a car is a matter of survival but it can be quite restrictive.
Staying inside the lines is such an ingrained skill, you hardly notice what it might be like
If the our scientific boundaries permitted us flight or excavation.  We might not need such constraints
Such that we might soar over land and tunnel through the earth - alas, these are not our talents.

Nevertheless, this is some world of imagination, where the jade and amber hillsides touch upon a dream. 
Here in the sanctuary of space and freedom can lines blur into a cascading wave of emotion.
For words to matter the brain must indignantly connect with this Earthly reality.
Yet among the clouds and the leaves, the spirit can soar like not like an animal but, instead, deified.
The elastic nature of the universe is always reluctant to reveal itself but when the irons are shed
One may pause and feel the freedom of one's outstretched arms, unbound, capable in any space,
When one finally arrives here in Independence after having travelled from anywhere else.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


The agapanthus step out from underneath the curtain
Gardeners do not attack upon the stalk of bloom
Tentacles of summer stretching into the season
Time spinning around the bulbs
The grunge of the fungi leaves the orchids to forgive

Those damn stalks burn their blooms into the dry sun
Cells dried upon the flower, like flesh from bone.
Still like the casketed, painted like stone
Where the forever is not a matter of debate
But only matters as to interpretation

The leaves of grass sing, where the embers of spring die
The flowers of before bloom eternal
And ideas of tomorrow could never bloom.
Theorizing science is the nature of man
Whereas the nature of Nature is to consider none of this

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Quiet pain inside
Growing deeper and deeper
A rumble bellows

Feeding the injured-
Instinctive evolution-
Keeps the pain away.

If there is nothing
Can you solve an empty well
With just air and hope?

Feeding the hungry...
What isn't impossible
Creates solutions.

Those empty children
Stomaches wanting nourishment
Need real food to eat.


I just left a really long post on Yelp.
I thought I was really clever.
In the end it was pathetic.
I came here to pay penance.
I should at least offer the universe a shitty poem.
I believe have accomplished everything I set out to do here.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tight Spaces

Hamstring as the marathon ends
Cramps in the arms dangling in crags of caverns
Hotels in a faraway land and on currency at hand
Attics full of Christmas lights and taxidermy
Cars stuck in bumper to bumper traffic
A bathroom on any bus... really, any bus
Any cliffhanger, despite the vastness of the fall
Covers that tuck you in before storytime
Lies between the one you love and life you lead
Spoons in hammock, 'neath some palm fronded canopy
Coffins, urns, graves and mummification
but not tombs, fires, cemeteries nor pyramids
Any moment between birth and death
The heart when it's found true love
Hands held tightly believing in one another.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Brain of Gravity

So centered in the notion of right
That it's as obvious as falling down
Truth, the slippery siren,
Screaming from the shores while the waves
Crash down, falling to the sand
Collapse one upon the other, Brother
Your sister howls in the wind.
We fight the truth like an unending war
Yet surrendering to fact day after day
As the skin falls from our faces
The dripping ruthlessness of time
Descending on our bodies
Like the darkened sky above 
The sun settling in the horizon.
Shadows grow so long before our eyes
Still we insist on seeing beyond the horizon
Into the darkness
Towards a place that makes no sense
All the silly science of hundreds of years
From planet earth and into that same dark space
The fumbling understanding towards ecstasy
Like two clumsy teenagers learning for the first time
How their bodies work
The only essential aspect being the awkwardness
The right being the wrong
The facts are only opinions
This is, in fact, not a fact.
Yet arguments persist.  Meaning what, I'm not sure.
Except for several observations here from this third planet:
The rain does fall.  Not always noticeably nor furiously, but the rain does eventually fall.
The Earth spins tirelessly, not like an automobile tire but like a tired child.
The Sun is a giant ball of incandescent gas, it is not alone, it has many siblings.
Space is more vast than any person can imagine.  Can you conceive of it all?
The attempt itself proves the rule.
When you try to fit the infinite inside anything, you will fail.
The rules that we make should not be confused with science.
There are rules, facts of the solar systems
These are more concrete than any pithy human imagination
Where the whimsy of the earthbound organism is tied to its meaty wants
The universe does not bother with whimsy,
The vacuum of space, and the squishy, hydrated nature of our own bodies...
We are no match for such a ferocious certainty.
Imagine the absolute power of always being right.
But only a real fool could think I was talking about him.
I'm sure God believes in gods... or else what point is the imagination,
The spells and incantations that our words have woven 
Into the sides of cave walls,
The carved faces of canvass in museums,
Painted craterous explosions in the dirt,
Twisted metal overtures to love through song.
We are an inconsistent bunch
This motley crue of socialization we call Humankind
The rules we make are simple and amendable
We change our minds to fit our needs
Because our needs, here at this little outpost in the milky way,
Are of constant reassessment -
Human comforts forcing us to ravage through our bedrock
To evaporate the gas of millennia
To disturb our Mother one more time for warmth and security
We burn away the natural order.
As the tide is high we move on
Cars, trains, planes bustling through the absolute human need for innovation
Spewing forth our twisted view of the this universe
As if this speck of pebble is the center of such a place
That the nebulae splattering the cosmos 
Dare to consider our silly little lives for one moment.
Our selfishness never falls to the ground
Even these words insist that they are significant
Unless I can admit that maybe they only matter to me.
But they don't - these words explore the screen
Not because I'm interested but because I believe other people should be.
As if the rules of time and gravity apply only as I wish them to
When I wish them to
Because I wish them to.
In the end that steady invisible stream of both time and gravity
Shall beat me, like they've beaten every other person on this planet
With those truths born to my own singular experience slaughtered
Because there was no truth at all, except that I am finite,
Briefly in this moment,
While truth lingers only in that eternal battle of matter and gravity
The ultimate truth necessarily being that this is all temporary.

Monday, September 17, 2018


My dog gets so excited when he sees his leash
It's that thing that keeps him from being free
He'd rather be outside with the that thing on
Than inside cooped up all day long

I wonder what our leash must be
Where even just a taste of whatever it is, is so sweet
Like in love or imagination, where the thought
Is enough to occupy the mind for hours

Like gods tied to their own omnipotence
And limited by only the greatest forces
The greatest joy anything can really have
Is the one it can never quite grasp.